Exeter Health Limited was set up a few years ago by a team of professionals having a vast and rich experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The company builds on many decades of International market experience, to offer both branded and unbranded generic products . The main activities of the companies business are:

 Manufacturing: The company manufactures a wide range of branded products that are sourced from European and GMP Approved sites. Some of the products are highlighted in the website. The main therapeutic areas cover:-

  •  Pencillins and cephalosporin products, with the flagship product EXOCLAV
  •  Analgesics category products with Exeter paracetamol, VOLPAR, and others among the list. Also a range of Suppository products have been introduced in this category like SUPOFEN and DECLOSID
  •  Antihelmintic products such as NESBEN (albendazole)
  •  Soft gel products such as OPTIVITE, PROMAN and PROWOMAN ranges, PREGNACIN and recently PROVITAL. Research is being done into this category for new products with added benefits, especially in the Bone Health and Arthritis care category and Cardiovascular Category
  •  Cough and cold products such as EXYLIN range
  •  Cardiovascular range with AMEXINE, CARDIOFIN and EXAPRIL as the well-known brands
  •  Disinfectants with the flagship product EXYZAL

 Formulation Development: Exeter has teamed up with an expert formulation development partner, to develop formulations either for finished products, or for site transfer under license to other manufacturing sites. Currently projects include development of :

  •  Soft gelatin formulations for the WELLNESS category
  •  Cod liver oil formulations with vitamins
  •  Introduction of Exeter PARACETAMOL range of products to selected markets


About the Director:

Simon Brundan

A solution orientated person who is strong at pioneering new business models, championing the needs of the customer and the business in markets like Africa, Europe and China.

Set up Exeter Health Limited in 2013 to build a custom focused business in partnership with distributors and wholesalers to build on the needs of today which are for affordable quality medicines. UK registered company with MHRA Wholesale Dealer License.

Profile Summary

  • Master of Business Administration-Economics and International Business

  • Joint Honours Degree in Chinese and Economics

  • 30 Years experience in International Pharmaceutical Business, in Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, General Management and QA/Regulatory Affairs

  • Track record of consistently developing the business with a combination of strategy and execution.

  • Experience encompasses Marketing and Sales, Business Development, Management as well as QA and Regulatory. With 17 years spent in GSK, and 11 years at Medreich, he understands the models of both the Branded Innovator companies, and the Generic segments of the pharmaceutical market place.

Previous experience

  • Director, Healthcare Solutions, Africa and Middle East, SmithKline Beecham and GlaxoSmithKline plc -One of the first Multinational companies with a Strategy to embrace Generics and Branded Generics introductions across Africa.

  • Executive Vice-President Europe and Africa, Medreich PLC. Led the team to grow the UK and European business until the acquisition of the company by a third Party.