Pregnancy and Healthcare Products



A tried and tested formula for pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding.

Clinical studies have shown that good nutrition is especially important before, during and after pregnancy whilst breast feeding. Not just in the first trimester.


  •  19 vitamins and minerals ideal for mother and baby. One capsule a day
  •  400µg of folic acid with 10µg of vitamin D for cell growth and metabolism
  •  Vitamin D3 is needed for the absorption of calcium to build bones in the foetus and in the breast feeding infants
  •  Magnesium is an essential mineral associated with improved foetal growth and birth weight
  •  Vitamin B1 and Zinc help neural tube development and cell division in early pregnancy
  •  Iron is an essential trace element involved in many metabolic functions. The body’s requirement may increase before and during pregnancy and in infants from the age of 6 months to 4 years
  •  Softgel capsules for easy swallowing
  •  No preservatives or artificial colours